Smart Repairs

Save both time and money on minor vehicle repairs with our SMART Service at Crayford & Abbs. If you have a small scratch, dent or scuff.. it can be very frustrating paying out a large bill for minor damage, to avoid big bills the SMART Repair service at Crayford & Abbs is here to help.

First of all... What is SMART? The acronym means... Small To Medium Area Repair Technique.

It is a series of cosmetic repair techniques that provide cost-effective & quick repairs to vehicles.

The SMART service reduces the need to always visit a traditional body shop for a light repair. With a typical body shop bill running at between f300 and f400, minor bodywork using SMART Repair technology is well known to be cheaper than your car insurance excess, so you won't have to make a claim.

If you're looking for a fast and affordable service to make minor vehicle repairs, give us a call on 01263 588160. From f35 + VAT, with a 12 month guarantee on all repairs. 


Repair List Prices From..

  • Bumper Corner £85 + VAT 
  • Centre Bumper Section £100 + VAT
  • Mirror Case £35 + VAT
  • Scratch Remover (Non Painted) £35+ VAT
  • Full Mop & Polish - Small Car: £125 + VAT 
  • Medium Car: £150 + VAT Large Car: £175 + VAT 
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment £65 + VAT 
  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels £115 + VAT 
  • Leather & Trim Repair £65 + VAT 
  • Glass Repair £35+ VAT Headlamp Restoration £85 + VAT  

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