The Nissan Feel Electrified Event

8th October – 8th November 2022

Electrification is the future of motoring, and Nissan is at the forefront of this technology. From the 8th of October to the 8th of November 2022, we are inviting our customers to come and experience the benefits of electrification for themselves with our Nissan Feel Electrified Event.

The Nissan Electrified Range

Available to test drive now at Wylam Garage Nissan.

Click “Book Your Test Drive” now under your preferred model, and fill out our online booking form to take your first steps towards an electrified future. In addition to filling in your preferred date, time, and location, please also input your preferred route option (city or country), demonstration preferences i.e how to charge the vehicle, and your favourite refreshment choice into the Message box to allow us to create a test drive experience that’s personalised for you.

This event is a great opportunity for those considering switching to an electric vehicle to get behind the wheel and see what they can expect from the Nissan Electrified Range.

At Park’s Nissan our customers come first. That’s why we want to make your test drive a personalised experience that is built around you. The event will offer you the opportunity to test-drive your chosen vehicle in a variety of settings, including both city and country routes to deliver an experience more catered towards your everyday driving habits. In addition to this, you can also request a demonstration of electric vehicle charging, infotainment systems, and driver assistance technologies, to allow you the opportunity to see them in action before you make any decisions.

Our Nissan experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Plus, we will have refreshments available so that you can take a break and relax while you learn about Nissan’s exciting electrification technology.

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